Nuts Analyzers

Nuts Analyzers

Strengths of Nuts Analyzer

CDR FoodLab Touch is composed of a thermostated nuts analyzer based on photometric technology that uses solid-state emitters (LED); a kit with disposable pre-vialed reagents with low toxicity, in package of 10 tests, 1 year shelf life, developed and produced by the research laboratories of CDR.

Reduced Testing Time with Nuts Analyzers

Now it is possible to perform an analysis quickly and easily without relying on a dedicated external laboratories. It is possible to analyze 16 samples at the same time and constantly monitor the production process, obtaining exact and accurate answers in just a few minutes.
The multitasking mode allows to manage the determinations of several analytical parameters at the same time. It allows the system to process one analysis and to start another one at the same time, with the possibility to go back to the first one at any moment.

Measuring Nuts Analysis System - Reliable and Accurate

This measuring nuts analysis system owes its sensitivity, accuracy and reliability to the photometric technology based on LED luminous sources. The results of the analysis are correlated with the reference methods.


Easy to Use Nuts Analysers

The nuts analyser system is designed to be used by anyone, without the support of skilled staff. The analysis methods are easier than the traditional ones and can be performed in few steps

  • Extract a sample of oil from nuts with the fast extraxtion system developed by CDR.
  • Adding the sample to the pre-vialed reagent.
  • Following the displayed instructions and if there is ever a doubt, the HELP function will lead you through the process.
  • Results are automatically calculated, displayed and printed.

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