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India continues to be the largest milk producing nation in the world with an estimated annual milk production of 137.6 million tonnes. There are lots of new Co-operative and Private Players who have started Milk Procurement Businesses with different ideas and goals. As a result of this, almost every business has its own milk procurement methods. By understanding and evaluating these methods, Everest Instruments Pvt. Ltd., one of the leaders in the Dairy Industry in the country has developed a ground-breaking integrated software - eMillcPro which covers all the activities of milk procurement and includes almost every criteria to provide a complete and comprehensive software solution (E-MILK PRO (RMRD) Software for Dairy Industry) that would help businesses in better decision making.

E-Milk Pro Reports from software for dairy industry

E-Milk Pro Reports

How Software for Dairy Industry works?

How it works

E-MILK PRO (RMRD) Features

Master Management

  • Covers Plants, Clusters/Zone, Areas, MCCs, BMCs, Routes, Villages and Farmers. It also covers the geographical hierarchy of State, District, and Tehsil

Rate Management

  • Multiple provision of creating Rate Master, through Excel/KgFATRate/KgSNFRate /Standard Rate/FAT-SNF Ratio
  • Cow/Buffalo/Mix/Good/Sour/Curd Rate
  • Ability to assign the different rate to each Village with effective date
  • Rate Re-calculation Methods with multiple rate v/s Route/Village selection. On Avg.Qty Slab methods, Std.Rate v/s Village

MCC Automation

  • By interfacing Weigh balance and Milk Analyser at MCCs and two separate screens for Milk Weighing and Testing
  • No manual intervention required
  • Two or three Milk Analysers for fast and effective Milk testing Data Merge based on Sample number
  • Real Time sync with Server data base by which    one can    easily observe the
  • automation Process MCC wise through    Web Application    or Mobile Application
  • Integration done with Weigh Balance    of vendors    like    REIL,    Prompt, Sartorius,
  • Essae and Vamendu. Any other weigh scales can be interfaced with Data transfer capabilities
  • Integrated with Milk Analysers such as Eko Milk Ultra, Ultra Pro and Lactoscan. Any other milk analysers can be interfaced with Data transfer capabilities

BMC Automation

  • Similar to the MCC Automation, by integrating of BMC Weigh scale and Milk Analysers, automation is achieved at BMC
  • Single Automation Screen to capture Weigh and testing parameters for both Villages and Farmers who are pouring milk at BMCs
  • Bifurcation of Village and Farmer Milk Procurement

Sale & Purchase Activity

  • Service/Product creation
  • Vendor Creation for Product Purchase
  • Customer Creation for Product Sale
  • Inward Entry
  • Sale Transactions
  • Inventory Management
  • Auto Installment Deduction from Payment


  • Facility to set as many numbers of commission parameters as required on individual Villages
  • Based on Qty, Amount and Standard/Pakka Milk Qty. Also can be set based on Quality parameters like FAT/SNF/CLR/TS
  • Provision to generate separate bills for monthly, weekly or any desired period

Farmer Data Management

  • All farmer details including their animals, family and account information Facility to import all farmer wise data of leading player's DPU in our software Farmer Wise Analysis reports
  • Comparison on Farmer Data Consolidated, Dispatch from Village and Receipt at BMC/MCC

Payment Processing

  • Each payment will be processed on fixed payment cycle master with provision to lock data before running the payment cycle, lock re-processing of payment
  • It can be on below criteria
  1. Based on BMC/MCC receiving
  2. Based on Farmer Data Based
  3. on Apportion Logic Based on
  4. Qty, FAT, SNF loss
  • Bank Letter, Bank uploader format generation
  • Facility to hold or release any amount during payment processing

Tanker Transfer

Facility to capture all tanker movements between BMCs, MCCs and Plant Tanker Sale and Purchase Facility along with its rate fixing and billing Tanker Comparison for Dispatch from Source V/s Receipt at Destination

BMC/MCC wise cash & expense management

Provision to accommodate Expense Head wise expenditure Cash received from HO and its disbursement Cash sale and expenditure Accounting can be done as well

Asset Management

  • Management of received Material from Vendors and its movement from Warehouses to MCC/BMC/Villages
  • Serial Number wise tracking, its repairing and warranty status report


Provision to keep track of Share issue, transfer, eligibility of Members and Dividend distribution


Two way sync facility from Server Database to BMC/MCC database Sync can be done real time or at fixed interval or by user intervention

Admin panel/ Access management

  • User level and User wise access can be set
  • Each Master, Transaction, Utility, Report and its operation wise rights can be assigned
  • Data locking mechanism for payment cycle and date wise
  • Audit Log view in terms of automatic, manual entry with time stamp
  • User wise entry tracking with edit, update and delete log with time stamp

Optional / Extra Features Available

  • Mobile Application for Managerial Staff, Route Supervisors, Village Supervisors and Farmers to view related analytics
  • With this application Farmers or Village Supervisors can register their request for Al, Doctor's Visit
  • Support Module to generate Ticket for Software GPRS Application to integrate with DPU.
  • Auto update of Name and Price Chart in DPU Receiving of collection data

Milk Transport Module

Primary Transport (can vehicles)

  • Fixing of KMs effective date wise
  • Based on Fixed rental per month, Diesel rate and Km range rate Provision to Link Multiple vehicles with single route Transport Bill, Summary can be generated Transport cost per litre can be derived

Secondary Transport (tankers for BMC/MCC)

  • Fixing of routes and its kilometres and per litre rate
  • Round trip for Tanker will be automatically derived from tanker transfers
  • Deduction provision in case of differences in transit

Chilling Module

Chilling charges based on Qty Provision to accommodate Re-chilling Qty Deduction in case of Temp. Variation found Chilling Bills and payment advice

Loan Module

  • Provision to set the loan to the farmers or Supervisors with their interest and installments
  • Automatic deduction from the payment on request and adjustment of same in next payment in case of excess installment than the milk amount
  • Loan statement paid and due

Bonus Module

  • Yearly, Half Yearly, Monthly bonus provision for Farmers and Village Supervisors
  • Based on Attendance and Per Day quantity criteria. It can also be configured on Quality (FAT, SNF, TS, CLR) bases
  • Comparison of amount to be paid on difference schemes and criteria for management to choose the best scheme.

Plant Dispatch Module

  • Customer, Distributors, Branch, Product Group and Product Management (Fixing of KgFAT & KgSNF for product)
  • Customer and Effective Date wise Product Rate, Taxes, Discounts and schemes 
  • Order received from Customers, its authorisation and dispatch 
  • Dispatch documents like challan, bill, and Cash memo
  • Dispatch register and Quantitative reconciliation based on Tanker received at plant. Product Dispatched and Day wise closing in terms of KgFat&KgSNF
  • Transportation Of Vehicles which are carrying finished product to customers, distributors and branches
  • Based on route, distance and crates

Additional Modules

  • Pay Roll or Payment to Franchisee

E-Milk Pro Software USPs

  • Everest provides both Desktop and Web Based solution for given specification so that either solution can be used as per resource availability
  • Graphical Representation of MCC/BMC/Route/Village wise Qty, FAT, SNF, KgFAT and KgSNF
  • MCC Wise Loss/Gain and Day Book MCC Wise Quantitative Reconciliation
  • Other required Analytics and comparison of Procurement Qty year wise Manual/Auto entry log with re-testing of Milk Analyser
  • User friendly and menu driven. Software can also be provided in local language on request
  • As it covers all Milk Procurement aspects, the total cost in terms of per litre cost can also be analysed

Software Tools Technology Used

  • .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5    
  • SQL SERVER 2012    

Clients List

Gopaljee Dairy Foods Ltd. Noida
Creamy Foods Ltd. Khurja - UP
SMC Foods Ltd. Saharanpur - UP
Gyan Milk (C.P.Milk) Lucknow - UP
DS Group Jaipur
ITC Ltd Saharanpur - UP
Rhema Milk Aluva - Kerala
Cavinkare Pvt. Ltd. Erode
Ayusha Dairy Erode
GK Dairy Tanzore
Umang Dairy JK Group
Mother Dairy Noida
Saahaj Milk Producer Company Ltd. Agra
Niryas (Tyagi) Foods Ltd. Delhi
Vadilal Bareily
Sahyog Clean Milk Bhopal
Anik (Saurabh) Milk Jaipur
ShivDhara Dairy Orrissa
ITC Munger
ITC Pune
Ganga Foods Ltd Vellore
M.B.Dairy Palwal
Raj Purohit Dairy Ajmer
Bhagirath Dairy Jaipur

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