DPU Milk Collection Systems

DPU Milk Collection Systems

DPU Milk Collection Systems - Be Wiser. Go Solar

While the entire milk management cycle, from the collection at villages and bulk centres to complex data control at dairy plants, needs to be acquainted with new-age automation solutions, it is a smarter step to embrace the latest technology milk analyzer with printer with a natural alternative to power.

Everest makes use of its technological excellence and a decade of experience to create DPU based Milk Collection Systems that can be run with solar power and hence, be a boon to the industry.

Ekomilk Ultra Pro Milk Analyzer

  • Measurement cycle: Less than 30 seconds.
  • Compact and light weight design.
  • Ekomilk Ultra Milk Analyzer Price is a Cost-effective operation.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Very small quantity of milk sample required with NO added chemicals.
  • Very Low power consumption.
  • RS 232 Interface.
  • POS printer support makes milk analyzer with printer.

Measuring parameters

  • Fat: From 0.5% to 12% with accuracy of +/-0.1 %
  • Solid not fat (SNF): From 6% to 12% with accuracy +/-2%
  • Added water to Milk: From 0% to 60% with accuracy +/-5%
  • Average speed: 120 samples/hr.
  • Repeatability: 0 +/- 0.03% for fat, +/-0.05% for SNF, +/-0.75% for added water.


Ultrasonic Stirrer

A hygienic and powerful supportive equipment for removing impurities and air bubbles from the milk sample, before analysis.
It is a cost effective method that facilitates industrial grade non-interrupted operation up to 4 hours.

FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT to remove air from fresh milk before testing

  • Input Voltage: 170 to 290 AC Volt.
  • Input Frequency: 45 to 55 Hz
  • Input Power: 32 VA max
  • Line Noise Filter
  • Soft Start
  • Input UV and OV protection.

DC Operation

  • Input Voltage: 10.5 to 16 Volt DC(up to 30 Volt DC)
  • Input Current: 2.2 amps max
  • Input UV protection.
  • Reversed Battery Protection.


  • Minimum time setting: 10 secs.
  • Maximum time setting: 60 secs.
  • Time increment step: 1 Second.
  • Time display-2 nos. 7 segment LED Display.
  • Push Button Operation control.
  • Led On/Off operation display.


  • IR Transceiver for Load Detection (Automatic Operation)


Electronic Weighing System

  • Heavy duty, reliable and most economical in the industry.
  • Available in 60 kgs, 100 kgs and 200 kgs with litre / kg conversion.
  • Impressive look with robust Steel body.
  • Double display for better viewing
  • Stainless steel weighing pan.
  • Microcomputer based design.
  • Optional in-built battery backup.
  • Overload and shock load protection.
  • 100% Tare facility.
  • Bright LED display.
  • Easy-to-use membrane keyboard
  • No moving parts; fully electronic
  • Mini Printer
  • RS 232 Serial port.


Data Processing Unit

  • Micro-Controller based embedded design.
  • RFID* for customer identification.
  • Direct interface.
  • Milk Analyzer to get date & weight (Kg/ltr) FAT%/SNF%/added water%
  • Keyboard with in-built DPU.
  • In-built Thermal printer.
  • Data transfer through USB Flash Drive/GSM/GPRS*
  • Two Rate chart storage facility.
  • Print/View shift report with weighted average.
  • Store data up to 12 months.
  • Auto TARE (Zero)
  • Available in different models and as per customer requirements.


Digital Solar Charge Controller

The main unit of the solar powered DPU which with a very low consumption of energy makes the whole system perform efficiently.


  • Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) based power back up system for Data processor Milk collection Units(DPMCU) is required to be installed in rural areas at Milk pooling points.
  • This unit is required in view of insufficient grid power or at times no power from grid
  • SPV power system is required to give 4 shifts (i.e. 4 shifts of 2 hrs) of power back to run theDPMCU and a 12 Volts /l 0 Watt DC LED lamp


  • AC power 170-280 Volts, 50 HZ
  • Solar panel : 120 Wp
  • Battery: 12 V DC/100-200 Ah

Display & Fault indication

  • Audio Buzzer for Reverse Battery connection.
  • LED for Auto Mode Indication.
  • LED for Float /Boost Battery Charging Mode Indication.
  • LED for Solar Power available.
  • LED for Battery Low Cut off (UVLO)
  • 4 LED's for Battery Charge/Condition.

Battery Charging

  • Automatic Float/Boost Charging from solar panel when adequate sunlight is available or from manually Selected AC power.
  • Push button selectable Equalized charging from solar power only.

Battery Protection

  • Automatic Float-Boost Charger, battery low cut off, battery reverse protection and cell equalizing.

Battery Charged Status

  • LED'S to indicate 25,50,75 & 100% battery charge status.

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