Milk Doctor Beta

Milk Doctor Beta

Making Testing Easier

Today's cost conscious and quality sensitive market needs better researched, more accurate and reliable technical solutions in order to control and manage costs.

With the introduction of Milk Doctor Beta, a screen test kit that examines Beta Lactam in bovine milk, Everest has brought an easier, simpler and faster method of detection and hence, strengthened milk supply chain management with a smooth and hassle-free testing.

Special Features

  • FAST — Results come out in just 5 minutes
  • NO SUPPORT - No instrument/ incubator is required to heat samples
  • HIGH SENSITIVITY - Easy detection of Penicillin (3ppb), Ceftiofur (5ppb), Cloxacillin(5ppb)
  • USER FRIENDLY - There is no need of unnecessary extraction of sample
  • ACCURACY - Results visibly and specifically match Japanese MRL levels
  • EASE OF USAGE — Extremely simple and fast operations

Typical Antibiotics Detection Limit

Antibiotics MDB(ppb) Reaction of line
Penicillin 3 2
Nafcillin 5 3
Cloxacillin 6 2
Dicloxacillin 20 2
Ceftiofur 5 2
Cefazolin 3 1
Cefalonium 3 2
Cef alexin 10 2
Cefapilin 20 2/1
Cefuroxime 7 2
Cefquinome 20 2

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