Milk Checker -N-4l

Milk Checker -N-4l

Surety of Purity

Everest Milk Checker measures the electric conductivity of milk in all the quarters of the udder, which helps in easily detecting Bovine Mastitis in milk. As a result, corrective measures can be taken well in advance.

On the occurrence of inflammation or other mammary disorders, plasma constituents may exude and cause changes in the concentration of the electrolytes contained in the cow milk such as Na+, CL-, etc. Rise in sodium and chloride content results in the increase of electrical conductivity of the milk.

Everest Milk Checker is based on this principle and can detect abnormalities in the udders quickly and accurately by measuring electrical conductivity of milk.

Special Features

  • Detection of abnormal milk at an early stage
  • Simultaneous display of detection results of all the quarters of the Udder
  • Difference between the results can be checked
  • Accurate detection
  • Automated mechanism
  • Easy & simple to handle

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