The Everest CryoScope is an automatic CryoScope for the determination of added water in milk. This new CryoScope combines the convential properties of modem analysers with the new technique of ultra-sound induced freezing point agitation.

Key Features

  • Low After Sale expenses
  • Low expense for maintenance and service
  • Easy to operate
  • No separate stirrer
  • Ultrasound crystallisation technique
  • Solid cooling unit (no bath)
  • Meets the new IDF/ISO/AOAC legislative
  • Conspicuous TFT display
  • User specific modifications available
  • PC Data Capturing Software 
  • Precision up to ± 0.1 Millidegree 
  • Self-diagnostics 
  • Recalibration not necessary 
  • Standards: CE-Label

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