HYGI+ Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Spray

HYGI+ Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Spray

HYGI+ Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral Spray

HYGI+ Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Spray helps you make the air truly healthy for your loved ones and those you care about. It eliminates the bacteria and virus around you. HYGI+ ensures that the space around you remains natural, fresh and odorless. Thanks to its versatility, HYGI+ Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Spray can be used at various places ranging from households, medical facilities, hospitality centers to corporate spaces. Simply put, it secures all the places that encapsulate our lives.

Truly Unique Features of Anti Viral & Anti Bacterial Spray

  • Reacts even to the slightest visible ray of light, instantaneously.
  • Has enormous dissolving capability as compared to contemporary products.
  • Dissolves harmful substances for a longer period.
  • Doesn’t have adverse effect during or after use.
  • Has a variety of applications.
  • Destroys the malodour-causing bacteria, thus rendering the air totally clean and fragrance-free.

Application Areas of Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Spray

Hospitals and Wellness Centers
Presence of bacteria cannot be denied, be it hospitals, clinics or emergency rooms, health care premises, etc. which are likely to be infested with bacteria and viruses.
HYGI+ ensures a truly healthy ambience, because life is precious.

Hotels and Restaurants
HYGI+ goes hand in hand with Hospitality. It is a place where large number of people from all walks of life come together. Therefore, the need for a protected environment. HYGI+ eradicates contamination.

Commercial Places
Work is worship; its sanctity should be kept intact because a healthy mind stays only in healthy body. HYGI+ manages a truly healthy and safe work environment.

Home is where the heart is. HYGI+ preserves our home’s ambience and keeps it truly healthy.

Schools and Kindergartens
Our children are our future. Wouldn't it be best to ensure that our children study in a healthy and clean environment? HYGI+ helps make our schools the healthy temple of education. HYGI+ helps to maintain a truly healthy and safe environment.

Theaters, Multiplexes and Shopping Malls
Theaters, Multiplexes, Malls and such public places often become hubs of infection. HYGI+ helps clean the environment and makes it truly healthy.

Anti Viral & Anti Bacterial Spray Test Papers

Since HYGI+ is sprayed in the surrounding environment to eliminate harmful microorganisms and odor, its effectiveness surpasses that of a routine air disinfectant which is sprayed on the surface. This quality of HYGI+ destroys the bacteria, viruses and fungus in the air. The trial at Haffkine institute for Training, Research & Testing confirmed this fact. It was proved that HYGI+ was highly effective for up to three hours, against 95% population of harmful microorganisms. Not only this, it also takes away the unpleasant odor to bring freshness of unpolluted air to your environment.

Testing: Ref: HITRT/BYR/1063 on 5th Feb., 2015
HYGI+ is highly efficacious against some of the deadly bacteria and viruses that have threatened mankind in the last century. Trials at Haffkine Institute of Training, Research & Testing found it to be effective against 99% population of most sensitive virus i.e. Influenza A (H1N1) and the most sturdy virus i.e. the Herpes

Ref: HI/VYR/04/2015 on 16th Feb., 2015
The trials in Japan Food Research laboratories proved, that HYGI+ can powerfully destroy lethal microbes such as MRSA, Salmonella enterica Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli.

Ref: 12122065001-22 of September 5th, 2013
The same trial also confirmed that HYGI+ is highly effective against pungent and irritating odors like Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde and Ammonia odors.

Ref: 12122065001-20, 12122065001-19 and 12122065001-18 of September 05th, 2013 respectively.
The same trial also confirmed that HYGI+ is highly effective against pungent and irritating odors like Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde and Ammonia odors.

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