WineLab CDR

WineLab CDR

CDR WineLab Analyzer

WineLab Touch is composed of a thermostated analyzer based on photometric technology that uses solid-state emitters (LED); a kit with disposable pre- vialed reagents with a low toxicity, in package of 10 tests, defined by the research laboratories of CDR. 1 year shelf life. The system includes also precision pipettes to optimize the collection of samples.

Display: 5,7" TFT colour LCD touchscreen. 
Connectivity: 2 USB 2.0 to transfer the database of performed tests and to update the configuration and software.

  • USB type B for technical service
  • Ethernet (LAN)

Printer: Graphic printer on board 80mm width. 
Photometric module: 8 channels in 4 reading cells with 2 LED with different wavelength each.
Incubation module: 37°C thermostat block with 16 positions to run tests on 16 samples of wine.

Benefits of Wine Lab Analyser


Just few steps are required to perform a test. In fact, up to 16 samples can be tested at the same time, while monitoring the winemaking process, giving you accurate and focused responses in justfew minutes.

Easy to use

Test methods are simpler as compared to official ones and require just a few operations:

  • Adding the exact sample volume to the pre-vialed reagent.
  • Following the displayed instructions.
  • Waiting for the system to automatically calculate, display and printthe results.


This measuring system owes its sensitivity, accuracy and reliability to the photometric technology based on LED luminous sources. Yields accurate results, proven by the results of correlation and compliance studies with official chemical testing methods.


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