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Yama Mir 350 Hybrid

Designed for fast and cost-effective testing of milk quality. Its mid infrared module detects adulterants (urea, ammonium compound, melamine, sucrose & other sugars, nitrate, carbonate, water, synthetic milk) without use of chemicals. The well-established ultrasonic module of the analyzer measures the milk parameters (Fat, Protein, Solids-not-fat).

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Measuring Parameters

Features and benefits

  • Fast adulterant detection
  • Simple and lightweight design
  • No acids or other chemicals used
  • Embedded Real time clock
  • Automatic cleaning of the infrared module
  • RS 232 and/or USB Interface
  • USB port with Flash Drive and Numeric keyboard support
  • Data collection system
  • Cost effective

Measuring Parameters

Minimum Range Capacity Fat: from 0.5% to 12% with accuracy ±0.1%

SNF: from 6% to 12% with accuracy ±0.2%

Protein: from 2% to 6% with accuracy ±0.2%

Milk Temperature 5o – 35o C
Repeatability Std Dev Fat: 0.04%
Protein: 0.04%
SNF: 0.08%
Relative Humidity 30o – 80o C
Ambient air temperature 5o – 45o C