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Somatic Cell Milk Analyzer

Somatic Cell Analyzer is designed for fast and reliable test for early detection of mastitis infections.


Somatic Cell Analyzer is designed for fast and cost-effective control of milk quality in dairy farms. Somatic Cell Analyzer is for prevention, detection and medical treatment of Mastitis, the most commonly found disease in dairy farming. Somatic Cell

Analyzer ensures proper control of incoming milk to the dairy, guaranteeing high quality and ecologically pure products.

• Simple and lightweight design
• Proven method
• Car battery usable
• ESC POS Printer Support
• LCD indication
• Independent power supply, Data collection mode for storing up to 250 records with information about supplier ID, time and somatic cell number.
• Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user
• RS232 Interface


Measuring range-somatic cell count per 1 m.l. 70000-5000000
Accuracy ±5%
Average time per one measuremen <4 min
Size 200 x 260 x 290mm
Weight <4.5 kg
Power Consumption <30w
AC Power Supply <220V+ 101-15
DC Power Supply 12V-14.2V