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Rapid Visco Analyzer RVA 4500

The RVA measures the viscosity and performance of starches, raw materials, ingredients and foods using controlled temperature and shear. It can be used to characterize ingredients, intermediates and finished products to optimize quality and performance.


Features and Benefits

  • High Sensitivity: Direct drive motor and control system for low viscosity samples.
  • Wide Viscosity Range: Optimized measurement system for high viscosity samples.
  • Rapid Viscosity Profile: Standard starch pasting test in 13 minutes.
  • Robust: Suitable for factory floor to analytical laboratory.
  • Traceable: Calibration check with traceable standards to satisfy ISO9000/ISO17025 and other Quality System requirements.
  • Glass-free: Safe for food manufacturing areas.
  • Precise: Accurate, crystal-locked stirring speeds, heating and cooling rates, ensures repeatable results between RVAs.
  • Standard: Standard methods approved by ICC, AACC International and others.
  • Relevant: Tailor test routines to emulate processing conditions in industry.
  • ER/ES Compliant: Electronic Records/Electronic Signatures compliant TCW3 can create traceable, secure results and reports.


    Suitable for R&D, product design, production, quality assurance, quality control, raw material
    testing, process design and process control

  • Starch: Full starch pasting test for native and modified starches using 13 minute standard methods.
  • Flour Milling & Baking: Starch quality, amylase activity, weather damage, for bread,
    cakes, pastries, cookies, pasta, noodles and more.
  • Proteins: Skim milk powder, whey protein concentrate, soy protein, gelatin.
  • Gums: Gelling and thickening profiles of hydrocolloids and formulations.
  • Brewing: Malting barley, barley storage, kilned malt and brewing adjuncts.
  • Dairy: Processed cheese manufacture and melt, soft dairy desserts, ice cream, yogurts.
  • Extruded and Cooked Foods: Snacks, breakfast cereals, pasta, noodles and petfoods for
    pasting and degree of cook.
  • Miniature Pilot Plant: Test new ingredients, formulations and process conditions prior to scale-up.


Power Requirements 240 VAC, 3,5 A, 50/60 Hz / 115 VAC, 5 A, 50/60 Hz
Input/Output  USB port, RS232 serial port
Dimensions (H x W x D), Net Weight  382 x 306 x 345 mm, 18 kg
Temperature Range  0-99.9ºC
Heating/Cooling Rate  Up to 14ºC/minute (infinitely variable).
Coolant Consumption  Water, 1 l/min at cooling, 100-250 kPa. Chilled coolant required
for cooling below room temperature
Speed Range   Computer controlled, variable 0, 20-2000 rpm
Viscosity Range   20-50,000 cP at 80 rpm, 10–25,000 cP at 160 rpm.
Viscosity Accuracy   +/- 2% for S2000 Oil nom. 5000 cP