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eMilk Pro

eMilk Pro is a web Portal for graphical Representation of MIS Data and other MIS reports using Centralize Database.


Features and Benefits


    Data Processor Unit
  • Real-time GPRS data transfer facility for all the transactions.
  • Auto Rate, Member and Product data download from central server & Pen drive both.
  • Current and Effective date rate chart facility.
  • Cleaning, Calibration and Milk Analyzer serial number sync to central server.
  • Configuration/Master can be managed through server
    • o Max weight
    • Max Member Code
    • Rate Block
    • Product download
  • Dispatch Note – If done – Shift Lock.
    If Dispatch note for the shift is not generated then next shift collection is not possible.
  • Shift Locking mechanism based on Shift Start and End time for each shifts and
    VLCCs. As well as provision
    to set cut off time to set the incentives
  • Final shift end summary sent automatically to server on dispatch note generation, so
    that data completeness can be determined.
  • Complaint Logging
    • Selection of Product i.e. Milk Analyzer, EWS, Stirrer, Solar Controller, Battery
    • Selection of Problem under the product and data will be sent to server via GPRS or Pendrive.
  • Geo Location (Latitude Longitude are being sent to central cloud server.
  • 3 Users for Sahayak/VSP, Supervisor and Admin. Passwords for all three can be set
    from central server.

    • RMRD/DOCK Automation
      • Multiple Dock Weighment (Interfacing of any weigh scales)
      • Quality Testing with 2-4 Milk Analyzers
    • Place the dish in the DA 7250.
    • Analysis starts automatically, and results are presented in large numbers after just a few seconds.
    • Tanker Dispatch
    • Tanker Receipt/Purchase from other MCC/Vendor.
    • All Features available for VLCCs are inbuilt.
    • Pendrive Import for VLCC data for which network is not available and manual entry for VLCC member collection
    • Shift Locking and data completeness.
    • Apart from above, all modules are available in Desktop application version which are available on Web Portal.So in case if procurement wish to process the bills from BMC/MCC itself can be done.
    • Data View of VLCC collection while doing RMRD for VLCCs, so that variations can be viewed.
    • Route Arrival timings v/s schedule timing.