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Digital Solar Charge Controller

The main unit of the solar powered DPU comes with a very low consumption of energy that makes the whole system perform efficiently.


The main unit of the solar-powered DPU comes with very low consumption of
the energy that makes the whole system perform efficiently.

Functional Requirements

Solar Photovoltaic (SPY) based power backup system for Data processor Milk collection Units (DPMCU) is required to be installed in rural areas at Milk pooling points. This unit is required in view of insufficient grid power or at times no power from the grid. SPY power system is required to give 4 shifts (i.e. 4 shifts of 2 hrs) of power back to run the DPMCU and a 12 Volts /10 Watt DC LED lamp.


Display & Fault Indication

  • Audio Buzzer for Reverse Battery connection
  • LED for Auto Mode Indication
  • LED for Float /Boost Battery Charging Mode
  • Indication
  • LED for Battery Low Cut off (UVLO)
  • LED for Solar Power available.
  • 4 LED’s for Battery Charge/Condition.