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CDR BeerLab® (Beer & Wort)

The CDR BeerLab® is the analysis system built to analyze Beer, Wort, and Water. It is designed to perform In-House Process and Quality Controls during each phase of your brewing process.


This versatile system is specifically devised by CDR to respond to the needs of master brewers and to breweries of all size from small to large enterprises. The CDR BeerLab® analysis system allows you to perform a wide range of tests on beer, wort and water with a single device, faster and with ease compared to the traditional methods, all while being totally in-house without having to rely on external laboratories.

So you can determine the most important parameters during all brewing process phases; from the beginning of fermentation to bottling the finished product, all without the need for a chemical laboratory or experienced lab personnel.

How is CDR BeerLab® System composed?


CDR BeerLab® Analysis System uses an analyzer based on photometric technology, available in two versions, and a dedicated kit of pipettes.

The ease and reliability of the system are based on exclusive technical features:

  • reading cells are equipped with state-of-the-art LED emitters;
  • reading and incubation cells are thermostated at 37 ° C;
  • the analyzer is supplied pre-calibrated, no further calibration or maintenance is required;
  • instruments can be equipped with a printer or PC connection.

Reagent Kits

CDR BeerLab® Analysis Systems use low toxicity disposable pre-vialed reagents, specifically developed by the research laboratories of CDR.

The use of pre-vialed reagents and dedicated analytical procedures allows:

  • a sample preparation that is quick and easy, when needed at all;
  • making analytical procedures extremely fast and easy;
  • removing all needs for complex calibration procedures;
  • removing all needs to handle toxic or carcinogenic agents;
  • making the amount of chemical waste generated only a fraction of the waste generated by standard methods.
  • Reagents come in packages containing 10 test tubes each, to perform 10 tests (or packages for 100 tests containing 10 single packages of 10 test tubes each).


Tests Beer, Wort and Water: Bitterness (IBU), Fermentable Sugars, Alcohol by Volume (ABV), Acetic acid, Yeast Vitality, Vicinal Diketons (VDKs), Total sulfur dioxide, Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) by OPA, Colour, Starch, pH, Lactic Acid (D + L), Polyphenols in beer, Carbohydrates in Beer, Alkalinity of water, Bicarbonate in Water, Calcium in Water, Zinc in Water, Sulfate in Water, Magnesium in Water, Potassium in Water, Chloride in Water
Simultaneous analyses  16
Multitasking Function  Yes
Photometric module 4 thermostated reading cells (37˚C)
Incubation module 37˚C thermostatic block with 16 slots
Internal memory to store analysis results Yes
Touch Screen Display Yes
Printer Yes
USB port to connect to a PC Yes
Ethernet (LAN) port Yes
Connection with barcode and QR code scanner via bluetooth Yes
Calibration Free Yes
Maintenance Free Yes
Reduced Waste Costs Yes
Dimensions and weight 32 X 29,5 X 13 cm (L x P x  H) – 2,8 Kg