Mission & Vision

Precision Behind Purity

Purity is the unit of life at EVEREST. Every second we spend, we dedicate towards making purity more accessible, more visible, and more precise. We aspire for a world of absolute transparency, and everything we create is a step in that direction. Everything that says EVEREST on it is made with the intention of turning it into a yardstick, on which purity cannot just be measured, but defined.

Vision Behind Purity

To create a niche market, and trigger awareness at the same time

Mission Behind Purity

To provide solutions; and not just products and services. We want to raise our customers' expectations, and use our technological innovation to suffice on the same.

Strategy Behind Purity

All of us have one goal, providing devices that define purity. From this goal, stems the agenda, approach and various steps to it. Also from it, come the thousand questions, and eventually answers. From this one simple goal, we find ways of improving, we extract ideas, calculations. And from it, comes the motivation to achieve it.

Technology Behind Purity

Innovation is a norm at EVEREST. We indulge in it as a practice, regularly updating, evolving an idea and the technology attached to it. We pay a lot of attention to each and every component that comes at play during the product's lifecycle. And our unique, technologically advanced processes make sure that perfection is never compromised. Thirdly, our proactive research vertical with its intervention at all stages, provides us with the cutting-edge.

Expertise Behind Purity

A long list of National Awards and ISO certifications do not completely do justice to the kind of skill and knowledge we have on board. A handpicked team of highly dedicated professionals with proven track records along with two highly qualified, informed and experienced technocrats, Mr. Ajit Patel and Mr. Parimal Patel lead the R & D department; which is the epicenter of our expert base. We fish out the best of talent - Indian and global, and go to every extent (trainings and certifications) to turn them into assets; thus expanding the expert base.

Everest Instrument has a record of more than a decade of innovation in design and manufacturing. We use present day technologies and continue to expertly craft our products by researching & upgrading facilities and practices year after year.

While quality is our lifeline, our team is our soul. The company boasts a large nationwide sales and technical service team that listens to users' needs and provides users with the best applicable solutions and assists in resolving practical issues at the earliest possible opportunity.

Today, Everest Instruments is committed to enhancing the effectiveness of our customers by investing in technology and providing a faster response to the customer's need for newer and improved products. The company's willingness to take risks, explore new markets, capitalize on opportunities, and always look to the future has secured a place for itself as one amongst equals in the industry.

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