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Food safety solutions for reliable food testing.

Today the average Indian consumer is more aware of the importance of food safety and considers it a crucial aspect of their purchase decision.

Alternatively, food companies work diligently every day to ensure the safety and quality of their products. Everest provides food safety solutions for reliable food testing. If you are in the food and beverage business, we can be your efficient partner in detecting contaminants and chemical residues. In addition, our products can spot the nutritional value of food and beverages and identify inconsistencies in quality.

The offered products operate as a full testing laboratory and can perform a wide range of determinations, allowing to monitor every step of the food preparation chain for fresh, canned, or processed food. Additionally, our testing systems determine olive oil and palm oil quality during production and after the products have been stored.

Features of Oil, Fats, Food & Feed Solutions

Monitor the quality at every step

Reduces testing times

Reduced Testing Time

Analyze up to 16 samples at the same time.


Fast and Accurate

Everest offers a range of reliable products for many types of food and beverage with great accuracy and precision.

Ensure safety

Meets Industry Standards

Everest is a wise choice for reliable and accurate solutions that meet industry standards.


Fast, reliable, compact, and all- inclusive range of products.

CDR Foodlab Oils and Fats

Uses low toxicity disposable pre-vialed reagents to test free fatty acids, peroxide value, p-Anisidine value, soaps, iodine value and polyphenols in less than five minutes.

CDR Foodlab Olive oil

The system is designed to perform chemical tests on olive oil to determine free fatty acids (FFA)/acidity, peroxide value, polyphenols / Oxidative Stability Index and K 270.

CDR foodlab nuts and tomatoes

An analysis system that allows performing fast quality controls on nuts and seeds to determine their oxidation status without using toxic solvents like Soxhlet involved in traditional testing methods. We also have an analytical solution for tomato and tomato derivatives.

Monitoring the degradation of cooking oil or deep frying oil and the shelf life of fried snacks. Additionally, perform quality and process control tests in all production stages for both crude and refined palm oil.

One single instrument to determine a wide range of chemical parameters on milk and dairy products easily and rapidly.

CDR FoodLab Bakery

Carry out quick and accurate quality control on bakery products, snacks, and spreads, starting from the raw materials used (oils and fats, milk, eggs) and the finished product.

Ideal solution for egg producers and food industries to perform a quick and accurate chemical test on egg products in just a few steps.

Everest Advantage

We take pride in being one of the leading solution providers for many dairy and food industry corporations across the country.

22 years

We are a leading manufacturer of dairy and food testing equipment with decades of experience.

15 branches

Pan India presence, catering to both budgeted and premium brands.

24x7 Assistance

Customers can interact with our team and get a prompt response for their queries/service requests.

450 technical experts

We are an R & D driven innovation focussed organization, backed by a team of experts.

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