Automatic Milk Collection & Monitoring System

A cloud-based system to automate the milk collection system

Everest provides innovative solutions for an efficient dairy procurement supply chain.

The automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) is a comprehensive multi-

platform solution that digitizes the entire milk collection system. The AMCS enables transparency between dairy, milk collection centers and farmers.

We have solutions from the village level to big dairy corporates for milk collection and monitoring & quality analysis. Our equipment and software ensure the purity of milk at every step. Link farmer’s accounts with banks for cashless payments and also provides actionable real-time alerts to stakeholders. 

Customized economic solutions are also available in AMCS based on the requirement.


Features of AMCS

Fast and accurate milk collection

Data Management in Real-Time

Milk Collection Data Sync in real-time is completely encrypted using AES 128 Bit encryption


Remote rate chart management

Multiple rate charts can be changed & uploaded based on milk fat and SNF or work shifts.


Transparent Process

Real-time monitoring, instant analysis and advanced reporting.


Efficient milk procurement operations

Geo-location tracking of DPU over Map using latitude and Longitude. Can be integrated with platforms like SAP/Oracle/ERP


Cashless Payments

Directly into the farmer’s bank account to build trust with the transparency of transactions.

Supports Regional Languages

Language is no longer a barrier to unlocking the full potential of our systems.


Components of AMCS

A cloud-based system(hardware + software) that automates your entire milk collection system.

A compact and lightweight design requires a very small quantity of milk sample for testing with no added chemicals. It has a measurement cycle of less than 30 seconds

A hygienic and powerful supportive equipment for removing impurities and air bubbles from the milk sample, before analysis.

It is a cost effective method that facilitates industrial grade non-interrupted operation up to 4 hours.

It is a cost effective method that facilitates industrial grade non-interrupted operation up to 4 hours.

Heavy duty, reliable and most economical in the industry. Available in 60 kg, 100 kg and 200 kg with litre-kg conversion.

Comes with an easy to use 12MM LED & 25MM LED display and a long lasting battery to minimize the problems of inadequate power supply in rural areas thus reducing the down time of the equipment.

Device is available in two variants- Table top and Handheld.

Device comes with two Android applications- Milk Collection for VLCC and RMRD Dock Automation for BMCs/MCC.

Everest Advantage

We take pride in being one of the leading solution providers for many dairy and food industry corporations across the country.

22 years

We are a leading manufacturer of dairy and food testing equipment with decades of experience.

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Pan India presence, catering to both budgeted and premium brands.

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Customers can interact with our team and get a prompt response for their queries/service requests.

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We are an R & D driven innovation focussed organization, backed by a team of experts.

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