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IndiScope FT-IR Milk Analyzer

Designed for milk collection points, PerkinElmer’s IndiScope™ FT-IR milk analysis system makes milk collection and analysis efficient and reliable. An instrument that is fast, rugged and dependable, it provides accurate results every time.

With the IndiScope system, milk collectors can guarantee fair payment for milk and help ensure the milk supply is safe, wholesome, and unadulterated.

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Measuring Parameters

Features and benefits

    • Easy to Use

Touchscreen operated
A single button allows for straight forward operation
An intuitive interface with clear symbols providing guidance to the operator
Easy-to-follow workflows that make milk analysis straightforward and eliminates the need for specialized expertise onsite

    • Fast Analysis

Results are ready in 30 seconds, and the instrument is immediately ready to test other samples

    • Robust Design for your Environment

Hermetically sealed spectrometer which prevents moisture and dust from getting into the instrument
Automatically adjusts for temperature and atmospheric pressure variations

    • Built for Easy Maintenance and Portability

Designed for desk top installation at the milk collection point
Easy access to milk filter for maintenance
Minimal moving parts that makes maintenance and transporting easy

Measuring Parameters

Minimum Range Capacity Fat: 0.5% – 12%

Protein: 2%-6%
SNF: 6% to 12 %

Accuracy Fat cow milk: 0.1% Reference Rose Gottlieb
Fat Buffalo milk: 0.1% Reference Rose Gottlieb
Protein: 0.08% Reference Kjedahl
SNF: 0.15% Oven drying method
Repeatability Std Dev Fat: 0.04%
Protein: 0.04%
SNF: 0.08%
Targeted Adulterant Urea: < 0.1%
Sample Capture Time < 30 seconds