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An intensive software application to provide integration with several milk testing equipment and weighing instruments thereby minimizing the time required during milk collection with minimum user interaction. eMandli® software provides user-friendly interface in English and one other local language and has additional security features that keep track of user activity.


An innovative new software from the house of Everest Instruments Pvt. Ltd., one of the leaders in the Dairy Industry in the country eMandli® – is a path-breaking customized solution designed to provide milk collecting solutions to Dairy co-operative societies at the village level across the country by understanding the process of all transactional details that take place.

This software has been successfully launched in Gujarat at Banas & Mehsana District Co-Operative Milk Societies, where large volumes of raw milk are collected. Though it is available in Gujarati, Kannada & English, it can also be provided in other vernacular languages with regional technical support.

Features and Benefits

  • Techno-savvy system which will integrate with today’s Smart Milk Analysers.
  • Prevention of bad practices
  • Decrease in the collection time by automatic milk collection process
  • Managing sell/purchase of other goods with own inventory
  • Facility to control users operation by flexible rights management
  • Automated printing of various MIS reports required by a “Typical Dairy Co-operative Society”

eMandli® Tools and technologies

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • SQL Express 2005
  • Crystal Report
  • Case Tools .

eMandli® Solutions

  • Effortless milk operation and data management
  • Different export options through flexible reporting technology
  • Cross system data import/export using Excel
  • Easy view of profit-loss data for analysis
  • Easy bonus distribution system
  • Milk and other goods sale entry with deduction effect in Payment
  • register Automatic and manual entry tracking

eMandli® Software Features

  • Rate Flexibility- Rate can be changed easily either by Direct Excel import or change in Kg-Fat-Rate with provision of SNF deductions as well.
  • Collection- Provision of Automatic Collection Screen and Manual Entry along with Total payment. Entry provision with Manual Amount for Bonus generation for previous year data entry in case not available in current software.
  • Account Module- With all required reports i.e Balance Sheet (Sarvaiyu), Tarij, Bank Balance Report, Trading Account Report & easy to maintain Voucher Entry/ROJMEL.
  • Various Payment Reports including Quantitative P&L Report, Debenture Report, and Integration of Bank Upload Format for Payment & Stock Valuation report, Bonus Payment.
  • Tanker/Can Dispatch rate calculation Entry
  • Member Master and Committee Register
  • Flexible Commission/Deduction provision member wise
  • Local Milk Sale and Stock Maintenance
  • Easy to maintain multiple societies transactions and account.
  • Collection with multiple milk analyzers to save time.
  • Yearly Bonus Distribution Report to Co-operative societies from Dairy
  • Share Registry for shares and debentures provided to members.
  • Accurate and instant SMS Provisions for notifications for Quantity of Milk received, Payment Deposits, Milk Dispatch to plants, Member Slips, Tanker Dispatch, Payments and Bonus etc.
  • Multi-language support and swift turnaround time for customization.
  • Web Based version with centralized database to have Society wise summarized reports for Management level users.