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DA 7350 In-line NIR Instrument

The DA 7350 In-Line NIR Sensor provides continuous, simultaneous measurement of parameters such as moisture, protein, fat/oil, ash and much more. This real-time measurement enables automated process control and helps companies worldwide optimize processing, reduce scrap and re-work while improving product consistency and quality.


Features and Benefits

  • Real-time measurements
  • Industry 4.0 Ready
  • Integrated camera
  • Rugged design to suit production environments
  • Easy integration through standard industry communication interfaces


By continues real-time measurements, 24/7, manufacturing process can be controlled and optimized. This in turn reduces expensive product give-away, waste, re-works, and claims. Additionally, in-line instruments are used to control drying and blending and monitor incoming raw materials to ensure smooth processing, something that help increase yield and end-product consistency. Continuous monitoring also provides complete quality records of the entire production batch or run.


Measure granules, pellets, flours, meals, powders, pastes, syrups, flakes, liquids and more.

Measured Parameters

The most commonly measured parameters are moisture, protein, ash, fat/oil, fiber and starch.


The DA 7350 can be mounted on pipes, hoppers, conveyors, mixers, at the entrances of a product stream, at its outputs, before or after dryers, before packaging or at other critical points in the process.

Flour Milling

Flour Milling Maximize flour extraction through accurate real time ash measurements. Blend wheat types to reach correct protein content and save on higher priced raw materials. Control and optimize gluten addition.

Starch Production and Corn Milling

Starch Production and Corn Milling Optimize moisture inclusion and save on raw materials and energy by monitoring and controlling the dryers. Control the starch/gluten separation and avoid costly giveaways.

Oilseed Processing

Oilseed Processing Measure oil in meal for optimized extraction. Increase yield by optimising protein content in the soybean meal through controlling the hulls add-back. Optimize the moisture inclusion, while remaining within specifications.

Dairy Processing

Dairy Processing Increase yield and reduce energy costs when spray drying milk powder by monitoring product moisture in real-time. Minimize grade change-over time and reduce waste; monitor black particles. Optimize the fat/moisture content of butter.


Power Requirements 24 V DC, 5 A
Dimensions (HxWxD)  313.5 x Ø 192 mm, 12.34 * Ø 7.56 In
Net Weight  9.75 kg (22 lbs.)
Operating Temperature Range  -10 to 45 °C, extended temperature range upon request
Ingress Protection  IP67 and IP69K
Measurements  NIR, Digital color camera
Speed of measurement  >20 spectra and measurements per second
Products  Grains, meals, flour, pastes, pellets, extruded products, etc
Parameters  Moisture, protein, fat/oil, ash, starch, sugar, speck count, Color in the CIE L*, a*, b* color space etc
Approvals  ATEX & IECEx Zones 22 and 21 in potentially dust explosive atmospheres
Communication  UPC UA, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, Modbus ASCII, Analogue outputs, SQL Queries and more
Data Storage  128 GB of Solid State Primary storage