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CDR FoodLab® for Milk & Dairy Products

 CDR FoodLab® One single instrument allows you to determine a wide range of chemical parameters on milk and dairy products easily and rapidly. It is the analysis system for milk and dairy products to perform quality controls throughout the production process.


Analytical Methods

    • Analytical methods are optimized for making the system easy to use in the laboratory as well as at receiving inspection in the dairy industry.

The analyzer is equipped with a measuring system that owes its sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability to the photometric technology based on state-of-the-art LED luminous sources.

The results are correlated with the reference methods.

What you can analyze

With CDR FoodLab® you can determine a wide range of chemical parameters easily and rapidly without having to learn how to use different analysis systems.

All types of milk can be tested (cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, etc.)

The system has been designed to determine the quality of low-fat milk or whole milk, raw or pasteurized, without any kind of previous sample treatment.
CDR FoodLab® can also be used to test a wide range of cheeses and dairy products, like mozzarella, cottage cheese, yoghurt, butter, margarine with a minimal sample preparation developed by the CDR research laboratories that is far easier than official methods.

Even more

CDR FoodLab® is ideal to perform the determination of Lactose content in lactose-free dairy products to control the delactosation process, thanks to a new method much quicker and with a friendly use for everyone if it is compared to the tradional enzymatic kit

How is CDR FoodLab® System composed?


CDR FoodLab® Analysis System uses an analyzer based on photometric technology, available in two versions, and a dedicated kit of pipettes.

CDR FoodLab® is the all-inclusive intuitive system to perform chemical analyses for quality control of Milk and Dairy products

The ease and reliability of the system is based on exclusive technical features:

      • reading cells are equipped with state-of-the-art LED emitters;
      • reading and incubation cells are thermostated at 37°C;
      • the analyzer is supplied pre-calibrated, no further calibration or maintenance is required;
      • instruments can be equipped with a printer or PC connection.

Reagent Kits

TCDR FoodLab® Analysis Systems use low toxicity disposable pre-vialed reagents, specifically developed by the research laboratories of CDR.

The use of pre-vialed reagents and dedicated analytical procedures allows:

    • a sample preparation that is quick and easy, when needed at all;
    • making analytical procedures extremely fast and easy;
    • removing all needs for complex calibration procedures;
    • removing all needs to handle toxic or carcinogenic agents;
    • making the amount of chemical waste generated only a fraction of the waste generated by standard methods.;
    • Reagents come in packages containing 10 test tubes each, to perform 10 tests (or packages for 100 tests containing 10 single packages of 10 test tubes each).


Tests Lactose, L-Lactic acid, Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN), Alkaline phosphatase (ALP), Ammonia, Chloride, Hydrogen peroxide, ε-fructosyl-lisine (Furosine), Peroxidase
Simultaneous analyses  16
Possibility of running several tests on the same sample Yes
Incubation module 37˚C thermostatic block with 16 slots
Internal memory to store analysis results Yes
Touch Screen Display Yes
Printer Yes
USB host port to connect USB memories Yes
Ethernet (LAN) port Yes
Dimensions and weight 32 X 29,5 X 13 cm (L x P x  H) – 2,8 Kg