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Aflatoxin M1 Rapid Test Kit

The AnticFast® Aflatoxin M1 Rapid Test Kit is a lateral flow assay that determines a qualitative level for the presence of aflatoxin M1 in raw cow’s milk. This test is designed for rapid field use or daily control in laboratories.

Kit Contents

Storage and Shelf Life

The AnticFast® Aflatoxin M1 Rapid Test Kit has the capacity for 96 determinations. The kits should be stored in a dry place away from the sunlight at 2-8˚C. DO NOT FREEZE! Do not use this product past the expiration date provided on the kit and component labels.

Kit Contents

Test Strip 96 Strips
Microwells (Reaction Wells) 96 Wells
Positive Control (Aflatoxin M1:01 0.1 ppb 1
Negative Control 1
Pipette 1
Pipette Tips 100
Microwell Holder 1
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