Data Processor Milk Collection Unit (DPMCU)

Faster, Accurate and Transparent Dairy Supply Chain

DPMCU support the conventional online Village Level Milk collection System (VLCC) by milk producers and also the Milk Contractor’s milk collection with appropriation and data processing.

Data Processor Milk Collection Unit (DPMCU) is a dedicated unit, which receive processand transmits data. It receives the Milk Fat & SNF data from the milk analyser through serial communication port and milk weightment data from EWS.

 It hasDot Matrix/Thermal printer for slip printing &various types of report printing facility. DPMCU has Data Logger interface for data communications between pooling point to BMC/MCC Centre/Head Office. Current & future rate Charts, personalization data, MP Wise milk collection, milk dispatch, milkreceipt at BMC/MCC, and most important security data are communicated through USB pen drive/GPRS.

Data communicated to BMC/Head office canbe further processed for validations, audit, payment and MIS purpose etc.

Features of DPMCU

New-age automation solutions

Centralized testing

User-friendly operation with CLR base collection (Option available).


Completely secure data with storage facility for up to 500 members for 2 years.


Compact and sturdy design created to work in any rural condition.

Easy reporting and processing

Generate summaries, print slips and process payment instantly.


Capture weight, Fat/SNF and other data faster and more accurately.

Energy Efficient

Solar-powered main unit that reduces power consumption.

Components of DPMCU

Everest uses its technological excellence and a decade of experience to create DPU based Milk Collection Systems that can be run with solar power.

A compact and lightweight design requires a very small quantity of milk sample for testing with no added chemicals. It has a measurement cycle of less than 30 seconds.

A hygienic and powerful supportive equipment for removing impurities and air bubbles from the milk sample, before analysis.

It is a cost effective method that facilitates industrial grade non-interrupted operation up to 4 hours.

Microcontroller based embedded design with direct interface. They are available in different models and as per our client’s requirements. It offers faster and accurate reports for customer slips, payment register, and shift summaries.

Heavy duty, reliable and most economical in the industry. Available in 60 kg, 100 kg and 200 kg with litre-kg conversion.

Solar Controller

The main unit of the solar powered DPU comes with a very low consumption of energy that makes the whole system perform efficiently.

Remote Display

Comes with an easy to use 12MM LED & 25MM LED display and a long lasting battery to minimize the problems of inadequate power supply in rural areas thus reducing the down time of the equipment.

Highly recommended all in one instrument for producer’s milk collection centres innovated by Everest. The device can also be used as a mobile milk collection unit.

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