Solutions for Alcohol & Brewery

Specifically developed for quality control of wine, beer kombucha, and cider.

Our testing instruments are specifically developed for quality control of wine, beer kombucha, and cider. You can use them straight in the cellar during the winemaking process, or in the brewery, or during cider production.

Features of Alcohol & Brewery Solutions

Monitor quality at every step


Easy to use

Can be used without the support of specialized technical staff.


It owes its sensitivity, accuracy and reliability to the photometric technology based on LED luminous sources.



Verified by the correlation curves and the conformity with the reference chemical analysis methods


Fast, reliable, compact, and all- inclusive range of products.

CDR WineLab is an innovative analysis system that optimizes traditional testing methods, making them faster and easier. 

CDR BeerLab systems have been designed for the analytical needs of brewers in the plants and every kind of brew master.

It is a cost effective method that facilitates industrial grade non-interrupted operation up to 4 hours.

CDR KombuchaLab is an innovative system for the analysis of Kombucha, which is used to optimize the production process obtaining results in real-time.

Alkotest series Analyzers are intended for the measurement of the ethyl alcohol volume contents in wine distillate and water-alcohol mixtures.

Electronic Ebulliometer is designed for the measurement of Ethyl Alcohol content percentage in wine. Ebulliometer provides easy, fast, and accurate measurement based on classic method and advanced electric technology.

Everest Advantage

We take pride in being one of the leading solution providers for many dairy and food industry corporations across the country.

22 years

We are a leading manufacturer of dairy and food testing equipment with decades of experience.

15 branches

Pan India presence, catering to both budgeted and premium brands.

24x7 Assistance

Customers can interact with our team and get a prompt response for their queries/service requests.

450 technical experts

We are an R & D driven innovation focussed organization, backed by a team of experts.

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