Our Solutions

The new age automation solutions from Everest helps efficiently manage the entire milk management cycle, from the collection at villages and bulk centres to complex data control at dairy plants.

The automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) is a comprehensive multi-platform solution that digitizes the entire milk collection system. The AMCS enables transparency between dairy, milk collection centres and farmers.

Analytical Testing Solutions

We provide reliable analysis solutions for evaluating the quality for maintaining the standards. Our analytical testing instruments work diligently every day to ensure the safety and quality of the products and brands.

Specifically developed for quality control of wine, beer kombucha, and cider. You can use them straight in the cellar during the winemaking process, or in the brewery, or during cider production.

The products operate as a full testing laboratory and can perform a wide range of determinations, allowing to monitor every step of the food preparation chain for fresh, canned, or processed food.

We provides a wide range of fast and reliable weighing solutions. Our weighing scales provides a wide range of communication options and control methods so that it can seamlessly integrate with your automated system.

We provides a range of dairy automation solutions for a faster, efficient, and transparent Dairy Supply Chain that can strengthen your milk collection and procurement process.