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Everest Industries Pvt. Ltd, is an ISO accredited company that offers Total Automation Solutions to the Dairy & Food Industry since 1999.

We are an R&D driven & innovation focused organization, bringing to the industry, the most precise and advanced technological concepts to simplify processes and revolutionize systems.

  • Our wide range of Milk Analysers - Everest EkoMilk, YAMA NIR 350 and FATSCAN are among the leading products in the industry.
  • Other products for the Dairy & Food industry include Secura Milk Adulteration Strips, DPU Milk Collection System, Automatic Milk Collection System eMandli®, Milk Checker N-4L, Somatic Cells Analyze, Beta - Lactam Tester and FoodLab Tester .
  • Lumitester & SANITA KUN are two of our products designed for the Food Hygiene Industry.
  • Hygi+ Air Hygiene Spray, is one of our newest ventures and heralds a breakthrough technology This product is India’s first fragrance-free air hygiene spray that kills and destroys germs.
  • ALKOTEST Ultrasonic Alcohol Meter, EBULLIOMETER & WineLab CDR have been designed and developed for the Alcohol & Brewery industry.
  • Products for the Edible Oils & Fats industry include OxiTester, Palm Oil Tester and Food Lab Tester.
  • Everest also manufactures a wide range of high quality Electronic Weighing Scales and Systems.

Everest, since inception, has believed in enveloping technological innovation with expansion plans that stretch out and reach every entity associated with us. All instruments of EVEREST facilitate better processes, which ultimately lead to better products be it purer milk, unadulterated food or an unpolluted environment. Hygi+, Yama Nir 350, Fatscan & Milk Adulteration Strips are testimonial to this vision and these products are being patented for their new technology and unique characteristics.

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